Drug Information for Paclitaxel Injection (Teva Parenteral Medicines, Inc): INDICATIONS AND USAGE

  • Paclitaxel injection is indicated as first-line and subsequent therapy for the treatment of advanced carcinoma of the ovary. As first-line therapy, Paclitaxel injection is indicated in combination with cisplatin.

    Paclitaxel injection is indicated for the adjuvant treatment of node-positive breast cancer administered sequentially to standard doxorubicin-containing combination chemotherapy. In the clinical trial, there was an overall favorable effect on disease-free and overall survival in the total population of patients with receptor-positive and receptor-negative tumors, but the benefit has been specifically demonstrated by available data (median follow-up 30 months) only in the patients with estrogen and progesterone receptor-negative tumors. (See CLINICAL STUDIES: Breast Carcinoma.)

    Paclitaxel injection is indicated for the treatment of breast cancer after failure of combination chemotherapy for metastatic disease or relapse within 6 months of adjuvant chemotherapy. Prior therapy should have included an anthracycline unless clinically contraindicated.

    Paclitaxel injection, in combination with cisplatin, is indicated for the first-line treatment of non-small cell lung cancer in patients who are not candidates for potentially curative surgery and/or radiation therapy.

    Paclitaxel injection is indicated for the second-line treatment of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma.

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