Drug Information for INCRELEX™ (mecasermin [rDNA origin] injection) (Tercica, Inc.): DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION

  • Preprandial glucose monitoring should be considered at treatment initiation and until a well tolerated dose is established. If frequent symptoms of hypoglycemia or severe hypoglycemia occur, preprandial glucose monitoring should continue. The dosage of INCRELEX™ should be individualized for each patient. The recommended starting dose of INCRELEX™ is 0.04 to 0.08 mg/kg (40 to 80 μg/kg) twice daily by subcutaneous injection. If well-tolerated for at least one week, the dose may be increased by 0.04 mg/kg per dose, to the maximum dose of 0.12 mg/kg given twice daily. Doses greater than 0.12 mg/kg given twice daily have not been evaluated in children with Primary IGFD and, due to potential hypoglycemic effects, should not be used. If hypoglycemia occurs with recommended doses, despite adequate food intake, the dose should be reduced. INCRELEX™ should be administered shortly before or after (± 20 minutes) a meal or snack. If the patient is unable to eat shortly before or after a dose for any reason, that dose of INCRELEX™ should be withheld. Subsequent doses of INCRELEX™ should never be increased to make up for one or more omitted dose.

    INCRELEX™ injection sites should be rotated to a different site with each injection.

    INCRELEX™ should be administered using sterile disposable syringes and needles. The syringes should be of small enough volume that the prescribed dose can be withdrawn from the vial with reasonable accuracy.

  • Drug Information Provided by National Library of Medicine (NLM).