Drug Information for ENBREL (etanercept) For Subcutaneous Injection (Immunex Corp): HOW SUPPLIED

  • Each ENBREL® single-useprefilled syringe and ENBREL® single-use prefilledSureClick autoinjector contains 50 mg/mL of etanercept in a single-dose syringe with a 27-gauge, ½-inch needle.

    25 mg single-use prefilled syringeCarton of 4NDC 58406-455-04
    50 mg single-use prefilled syringeCarton of 4NDC 58406-435-04
    50 mg single-use prefilled SureClick autoinjectorCarton of 4NDC 58406-445-04

    ENBREL® multiple-use vial is supplied in a carton containing four dose trays. Each dose tray contains one 25 mg vial of etanercept, one diluent syringe (1 mL Sterile Bacteriostatic Water for Injection, USP, containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol), one 27-gauge ½-inch needle, one vial adapter, one plunger, and two alcohol swabs. Each carton contains four “Mixing Date:" stickers.

    25 mg multiple-use vialCarton of 4NDC 58406-425-34

    Administration of one 50 mg ENBREL® prefilled syringe or one ENBREL® SureClick autoinjector provides a dose equivalent to two 25 mg ENBREL® prefilled syringes or two multiple-use vials of lyophilized ENBREL®, when vials are reconstituted and administered as recommended.

  • Drug Information Provided by National Library of Medicine (NLM).