Drug Information for Eco-Soft ConcentrateIodine Teat Dip Concentrate (Ecolab Inc.): DIRECTIONS FOR USE


    NOTE: Eco-Soft Concentrate requires the proper dispenser for dilution.Consult your Ecolab representative for specific use instructions andrecommended dispensing equipment.

    Dilution Parameter: A dilute solution of a 0.5% iodine teat dip willconsist of 87.1% potable water and 12.9% Eco-Soft Concentrate byvolume. A dilute solution of a 1% iodine teat dip will consist of 73.7%potable water and 26.3% Eco-Soft Concentrate by volume.

    Application of Diluted Eco-Soft ConcentrateIMPORTANT: Do not mix Eco-Soft Concentrate or diluted Eco-SoftConcentrate with any other products. If transferred from this containerto any other, make sure that the other container is thoroughlypre-cleaned and bears the proper container labeling for Eco-SoftConcentrate.

    If product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty, discard contents andreplenish with diluted product. Do not reuse or return any unusedproduct to the original container.

    Before Milking: Wash teats thoroughly just prior to next milking withappropriate udder wash solution or pre-milking teat dip to avoidcontamination of milk. Teats should then be dried with single-servicetowels. Use proper procedures for udder washing or pre-dipping.

    Directions for Teat DippingPre-Milk Dipping: Fill teat dip cup with diluted Eco-Soft Concentrate.Before each cow is milked, dip each teat full-length into the teat dipcup containing diluted Eco-Soft Concentrate. Wipe teats dry afterdipping using single-service towels to avoid contamination of milk.

    Post-Milk Dipping: Immediately after each milking, dip each teatfull-length into the teat dip cup containing diluted Eco-SoftConcentrate. Allow to air dry. Do not wipe. Always use fresh, dilutedEco-Soft Concentrate. Do not turn cows out in freezing weather untilteat dip is completely dry.

    Directions for Teat SprayingPre-Milk Spraying: Before each cow is milked, spray entire teat withdiluted Eco-Soft Concentrate. Wipe teats dry after spraying usingsingle-service towels to avoid contamination of milk.

    Post-Milk Spraying: Immediately after each milking, spray entire teatwith diluted Eco-Soft Concentrate. Allow to air dry. Do not wipe. Alwaysuse fresh, diluted Eco-Soft Concentrate. Do not turn cows out infreezing weather until diluted Eco-Soft Concentrate is completely dry.

    Expanded Usage: When freshening cows, begin dipping teats twicedaily for about 10 days before calving.

    PRECAUTION:Eco-Soft Concentrate is not intended to cure or helpthe healing of chapped or irritated teats. As with any germicide,irritation or sensitization may occur in sensitive animals. In case ofteat irritation or chapping, have the condition examined and, ifnecessary, treated by a veterinarian.

    NOTE: Use blended Eco-Soft Concentrate within six (6) months ofblended date.

  • Drug Information Provided by National Library of Medicine (NLM).