Drug Information for Clindamycin Phosphate and Benzoyl Peroxide (Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.): HOW SUPPLIED AND COMPOUNDING INSTRUCTIONS

  • Size(Net Weight)NDC #Benzoyl Peroxide GelClindamycin Phosphate Solution (in plastic bottle)
    50 grams0378-8688-5440 grams10 grams

    Prior to dispensing, add the solution in the bottle to the gel and stir until homogenous in appearance (1 to 11/2 minutes). Clindamycin Phosphate andBenzoyl Peroxide Gel, 1%/5% can be stored at room temperature up to 25°C (77°F) for 3 months. Place a 3 month expiration date on the labeling immediately following mixing.

    Store at room temperature up to 25°C (77°F) [See USP].

    Do not freeze. Keep tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.

    US Patents 5,733,886; 6,117,843

    Distributed by:Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.Morgantown, WV 26505

    Manufactured by:Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Buffalo, NY 14213



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