Drug Information for ADRENACLICK™ (epinephrine injection, USP) auto-injector (Sciele Pharma, Inc. ): PATIENT PACKAGE INSERT

  • ADRENACLICK™(epinephrine injection, USP) auto-injectorAvailable as 0.15 mg 0.3 mg

    Patient Directions for Use

    Before Use Make Sure Medicine Is Ready When You Need It

    Look at the medicine in the Adrenaclick regularly. If it looks cloudy, is discolored, has particles in it, or if the expiration date has passed, the Adrenaclick should be replaced.

    Do NOT remove GRAY caps until you are ready to use the Adrenaclick.

    The following instructions should be followed for both Adrenaclick 0.15mg and Adrenaclick 0.3mg. Additional video instructions on the use of Adrenaclick are available at www.adrenaclick.com.

    STEP A

    • Pull off GRAY end cap with the [1]; you will now see a RED tip. Never put thumb, finger, or hand over the RED tip.
    • Pull off GRAY end cap with [2].

    STEP B

    • Put the RED tip against the middle of the outer side of your thigh (upper leg) as shown. It can go through clothes.
    • Press down hard until the needle enters your thigh (upper leg) through your skin. Hold it in place while slowly counting to 10.
    • Remove the Adrenaclick from your thigh.
    • Check the RED tip. If the needle is exposed you received the dose. If needle is not visible, repeat Step B.

    Get emergency medical help right away.

    Call 911


    • The remaining liquid that is left after this fixed dose cannot be further administered and should be discarded.
    • Put the auto-injector, needle first, into the carrying case.
    • Put the light gray case top over the non-needle end of the Adrenaclick unit and close the case.
    • Give your used Adrenaclick to a healthcare worker for proper disposal. Do NOT throw away in a regular trash can.
  • Drug Information Provided by National Library of Medicine (NLM).